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  DarkMarket Introduction
Posted by: PinkFloyed - 03-02-2020, 05:59 AM - Forum: Dark Web Markets - Replies (3)

At Darkmarket we are dedicated to bringing trust back to the darknet. We have implemented a system where we randomly buy from vendors and rate their products on our forum. We are wallet-less with BTC support and hope to add XMR soon.

You will find that we are not the typical DNM staff. We make a huge effort to work with everyone, buyers and vendors. When you put in a support ticket you will get an answer. If you have a dispute we will carefully review all evidence provided. If you have suggestions we have open ears. We are here for mutual prosperity. Without you there is no us!

Meet the staff
Dark (Admin)
RedLotus (Manager)
Citizen (Staff)
Grampa (Staff)

DarkMarket is run by humans, like all humans we are capable of mistakes. If you see anything that needs changed or fixed we want to know. Please PM any suggestions to Grampa or post them on the forum on the suggestions board. Help us help you!

How To Use DarkMarket

To keep everyone safe it is advised that you have a basic understanding of PGP Encryption. If the market is ever compromised you want all your personal information encrypted. One thought to keep in mind is that not all versions of GPG are created equally, so avoid using online GPG methods such as iGolder and those utilizing BouncyCastle libraries. If you are not good with PGP do some reading for your own saafety!

You will need Bitcoin (BTC) to make purchases. You can get bitcoin from exchanges like Kraken or Bitstamp. A better anonymous option is to use agoradesk or localmonero to buy coins with cash from a person rather than have a recorded purchase through an institution. If you are using a wallet linked to your name or an other identifying information, mix the coins before you load the coins you just got.

Account Setup
1. Use one of the links found in the /d/darkmarket sidebar on Dread, the links on Dark.fail or links on Darkeye. Do not trust random links!
2. If you are a consumer it is good practice to use a new name user name and password so that it is harder to track which markets you have been on. As a vendor you will need to use your vendor name but be sure to use a new password.
3. Click on your username in the top right corner to access your profile
4. Click the PGP button, paste your public key, save.
5. You will now be prompted to decrypt an encrypted message to prove ownership of your key.

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  I woke up and btc was 0 after opening dispute
Posted by: Sunray - 03-02-2020, 05:57 AM - Forum: Dark Web Markets - No Replies

I clicked the trust level <1 mirror just to see what it was about. I didn't like the ?&and all the ?'s in the link and it not ending with a d so I quickly logged out restarted everything etc.

I made a dispute with a level 7 vendor, less than 3 negative reviews (ordered 22 days ago, no show & won't say who due to OPSEC) an woke up with a balance of 0. When i clicked dispute it took me to a blank 404ish type page. I'll say no more on this issue to protect myself.

Only links I use are from dark.

That's all I have to say

I'm wondering if not only are the vendors crooks, so are the admins and the admins have connects to or ARE the vendors.

Edit: only reason I mention clicking that link was because it felt fishy. What is it? and I was met with my personal phrase on the front page. it WASNT a phish site.

I posted some of this to dread. Should I take that down?

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Posted by: Raintx - 03-02-2020, 05:53 AM - Forum: Dark Web Markets - Replies (1)

Just been suspended for 25 years by Darkmarket for absolutely no reason. I was a Vendor there and was just going to finalize on a sale. Just putting this up to wise people up to to that market. Thieves !

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  Review of vendor DrugsUK
Posted by: Maxer18 - 03-02-2020, 05:50 AM - Forum: Dark Web Markets - Replies (2)

ust writing a quick post about DrugsUK whos active on Apollon market i believe now but came from Empire and Dream. Ordered 25 blue punishers from him which came extremely quick, he even put extra in too so just thought id go out my way to write and reccomend a post about them.

I believe he is now on Apollon as DrugsUK1.

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Posted by: Zara19 - 03-02-2020, 05:48 AM - Forum: Dark Web Markets - No Replies

Welcome to SuperDrugs -


Put .onion/user/0dc397285cc68c860f1d320efb7997b1b04e1a8e after the Versus Market URL to visit our store.
Put .onion/products?category_id=&sort=newest&vendor_id=2adfd69b-8fd3-4732-8b3d-8b6b6757a5a2 after the TOR Market URL to visit our store.
Put .onion/search?user=SuperDrugs after the Dark Market URL to visit our store.

Scroll all the way down this thread to view our pricelist.

We are professional, honest and hard working people in the on- and offline drug market.
All the products we offer are made by our own people in The Netherlands (DUTCH QUALITY PRODUCTS)!
But we ship from Germany, this is the best country to ship succesfull from!

The products we offer are from very high quality and should not be played with.
Any questions about how to use, dosages etc?
Please visit 'DrugsLab', it is a Dutch Youtube Channel (with subtitles), they experiment for educational purposes with all kind of drugs!

- Why should I order from SuperDrugs? -

- Safety is our #1 priority
- Unlimited stock
- Best prices
- Highest quality products
- Ultra fast delivery
- Excellent customer service
- Lab tested products

- Shipment Conditions -

All our shipments fit inside regular mailboxes and do not require any signing. You do not even have to be at home. The postal man/woman will just throw it inside your mailbox. This is the safest way to do business.

We ship from Monday to Friday.
Orders placed before 12.00h will be shipped out the same day.
Orders placed in the weekend will be shipped out on Monday.

Expected delivery time:

Germany: 1-3 workdays. Europe: 3-7 workdays. United Kingdom: 3-7 workdays.

Please allow up to 14-21 days in the rare case something went wrong with your package. Some countries have well organized postal services and some others a little less.

If the order is marked as read it means your order has been packed.
If the order is marked as send it means your order has been shipped.

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  TeenSpirit // US2US LSD // Back Again <3
Posted by: Moringa - 03-02-2020, 05:46 AM - Forum: Dark Web Markets - No Replies

Hello, and warm greetings!

Those of you that have worked with us before will be happy to hear that we are officially back online and ready to fill your orders with the lowest prices we have ever offered starting at nearly $4 per tab.

We currently have stocked:

These are strong tabs with a clean body load - great for beginners and veterans alike! Please handle with care [Image: smile.png]

Love and Light

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  need help network unlocking a20 not tech in
Posted by: Maxer18 - 03-02-2020, 05:43 AM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (1)

I'm not tech inclined I just barely had the smarts enuff to figure out how to side dark web still a bit confused about that. Please help me though I bought a phone off my buddy and he had metro I got cricket I need that phone to work for cricket. Thanks

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  Office 365 logins and inbox sender
Posted by: Zara19 - 03-02-2020, 05:42 AM - Forum: Off Topic - No Replies

Office Logins are inbox sender available
Schools, business,
ceo, cfo,
I have mortgage payable payrrolls

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  Sender - SEPA,ACH,S2S,WU looking for partners
Posted by: Blue - 03-02-2020, 05:39 AM - Forum: Off Topic - No Replies


We are team of people ready for serious business. We are looking for more - PARTNERS - to do our business and to help us. You will earn lot of money if you are serious and honest with us! We will provide you all the informations, you will see the proofs of our business. Please just serious people and not someone who is going to risk 1 time and scamm us.


Be fair and lets clean this!

contact me just on email for first time:

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  Livedabs, An Official Vendor Review Thread.
Posted by: Nahla - 03-02-2020, 05:33 AM - Forum: Dark Web Vendors - Replies (5)


If you ask yourself, "is this too much information?" Then, yes, it most likely is.
We are concerned with the quality of the product and the security of the shipping methods(keep this simple, I.E. YES ITS FUCKING GOOD STEALTH, NO GOD DAMNIT I HATE THIS METHOD AND IT HAS ME SCARED FOR MY LEGAL LIFE). Second comes the other service the vendor provides, such as comms and general operations, how they handle themselves, essentially.(don't give too much info here either)

Livedabs has been around for some time, by his/her word.

Recently he/she created a give-away with very specific requirements to be a part of his/her give-away, a review being part of the requirements.
I have a certain amount of China white that I will be posting a review of here in the next few days.

Initial impressions: Shipping was fast as heck and this vendors stealth is new and different, to me. I have a feeling that this is really, really good stealth.
The product quality review will come tomorrow or the next day.

As of now, this thread is open to reviews to allow the product to speak for itself.
As it should.

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